Navigating Disney World with Babies and Small Children

Have you done WDW with small children? Advice?


Queen Of All Things Travel

One of the things I hear people say fairly often is that they’re waiting for their children to be older before they go to Disney World.  While I do understand the desire to have your children remember the trip and have it be special, I also have to say that Disney World is truly workable for a vacation even with small children and infants.  You just need to understand a few simple things and plan well.  Personally, I have been to Disney while pregnant with each of my three daughters, and I’ve taken each of them for their first trips before their first birthdays.  Since my children are very close together, I’ve also managed to do both of those things simultaneously!  I’m pretty sure I was a sight to behold walking around Disney World obviously pregnant and with another baby riding around in a carrier strapped to my chest.  Even…

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