Diary of A Disney Daydream

It was a very pleasant surprise indeed to learn of the support behind getting the tale “Diary of a Disney Daydream” published. The first part of the book is online for all to enjoy and the ebook is formatted and ready to roll out! It has been ready for some time now, but I wanted to be extra sure that my readers would be happy with it, so I have added more content than what is available online as well as ensured that there are no annoying formatting errors, etc.  I will announce the official release date when I have it.

I am truly humbled by those who believe in me and in this story of friendship and Disney magic. I have been approached by publishers but I am not willing to change certain aspects of the tale, so I am taking my time with it. Thank you to those of you who support this decision, for when this book gets into hard copy print you will be the first to get it!

To view the beginning part of the story, click HERE and enjoy the story of two best friends who discover much more than they bargain for when on a trip to Walt Disney World.


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