Disney Must-Do: Splash Mountain!

Your thoughts on Splash Mountain?

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Splash Mountain is a log flume ride, and yet it’s so much more than just a log flume ride. It’s a wonderful combination of drifting lazily along a mellow river, being entertained by the antics of Br’er Rabbit, and experiencing the thrill of several smaller drops that lead to the big one: a five-story plunge! After the finale, you’ll be humming “zip a dee doo dah” as you check out your ride picture (which is taken during the big drop).

Recently, two of my boys wanted to do Splash Mountain as our last ride of the day. It was almost park closing time, so we hustled on over there. We just barely made it to the queue entrance as a cast member called out, “last call for Splash Mountain!” We rode the last log of the day, and what a thrill it was! I can truly say that there is…

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  1. Thanks for the reblog – glad you liked it!
    Heather at Disney for Five

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