Walt Disney World Thrills

by Rhonda Moffit, Moffits-Mad Hatter Adventures    April 18, 2018


Yes, we love our Test Track!

As Disney fans and travel agents, we are always surprised when we hear about people being too scared to ride some of the thrilling attractions at Walt Disney World. It is understandable that health issues should not be ignored, but other than that we can not make too much sense out of it- it’s Disney! Live a little!

The most thrilling rides for thrill seekers at Walt Disney World have been chosen in a poll conducted by Walt’s Basement- for the Love of All Things Disney this past year. (You can find their group on Facebook HERE!)

The chosen thrills are:

  • Test Track- the end of this ride is fantastic, especially at night.
  • Big Thunder Mountain- the wildest ride in the wilderness!
  • DINOSAUR- it will shake you to your core- literally.
  • Splash Mountain- yes, you may get a little wet, or completely soaked.
  • Space Mountain- it only goes 28 mph, but you will swear you are going faster.
  • Expedition Everest- the Yeti may not function as intended but it will leave you breathless!
  • Rock ‘N’ Roller Coaster- absolutely fantastic for rock and rollers.
  • Tower of Terror- one of the best queues at WDW, but this is not the typical elevator ride.

In addition to these, I would like to add my new favorite- Avatar Flight of Passage. While it is more of a simulator it is so exhilarating that I have to mention it. Nothing like soaring on the back of a banshee.

I also love Mission Space, although if you are claustrophobic you will not want to ride. I like it on Orange level- crank it up, Disney! I actually rode it twice in a row on our last adventure to EPCOT.

If you love thrilling and memorable attractions, Walt Disney World is the place to be. Not to mention that they have the best safety record in the business.

Do you agree with this list? Think anything else should be added? Tell me in the comments.



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Image copyright Moffits- Mad Hatter Adventures, 2018.

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