June 26th, 2021-The Journey Begins!

Countdown to the Happiest Wedding On Earth!

~ Our 2nd Trip to Disney Together! ~

FINALLY!I’ve been waiting until we got our engagement photos back to post this month’s blog post, so I appreciate everyone’s patience.

This month has been such a wild ride! The plans are only beginning to cement themselves into place, and much of our journey has been a “hurry up and wait” situation so far.

The very first thing we did was celebrate with an engagement photo shoot! Our photographer, Ryleigh, was incredibly personable and friendly, and was able to get two of the locations of some of our very first dates: Forest and Tower Grove Parks! I put a couple of our favorites down below, but I’ll include the full gallery on a different page!

While I’m not really one for professional pictures (I think the only decent school picture I’ve ever taken was during my senior year of high school)…

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