Vacation Spotlight: Making a Disney Trip Affordable

by Rhonda Moffit, Moffits-Mad Hatter Adventures  June 23, 2017


One of the most common things my husband and I hear from people when discussing Disney:

We’ve always wanted to go to Disney, but it’s just too expensive for us. Can you help us?”

My answer is a resounding YES! We sure can. It is sad to me when I hear from a family that laments that they have not spent time at Walt Disney World or Disneyland because they feel that they simply can not afford it. There are so many ways to make your dream vacation a reality, including some ways that won’t hit you all at once in the pocketbook.


We can help most anyone book Disney for the most memorable vacation of their lives. Seriously. We do it every single day. The most important thing I ask is about a budget, and that is the first thing you need to establish before we book you for anything.

It is easy to go over budget with Disney- very easy. It is no different than anything else in life. You set a budget, and you have to stick to it. When I book you, you can tell me your budget and then we can tailor a package that fits. Planning ahead is a MUST DO for a Disney vacation. Booking in advance allows you to save your package (usually for only $200!) and then you can make smaller payments as you go, even using Disney gift cards should you want to. Start early- the sooner the better! You can book up to 499 days in the future.


Another thing that you must keep in mind is to be realistic. Disney has many different seasons and these times of year cost differently than others. Consulting with us, we can advise you to which times of year are less expensive than others and provide you with knowledge and insight to choose some excellent travel dates. Once you know your travel dates AND your budget, the planning can begin.

There are SO many ways to save money (and time) when planning a Disney vacation. All of these things are taken into account when you consult with a trained professional travel agency (such as Mad Hatter Adventures). Disney also offers a myriad of discounts throughout the year, so when you book with us we will automatically check to see if any discounts announced are applicable to your reservation. We have saved our Mad Hatter family thousands!


It is important that you keep in mind that the best discounts such as free dining, room only specials, etc, do run out within a matter of hours- having an authorized Disney vacation planning agency on your side to apply these special deals is a common sense kind of thing.

Planning for Disney can be done for any budget- it just takes some foresight and consulting.

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Images ©Moffits: Mad Hatter Adventures


Are you visiting Disney, Universal, or ANY vacation destination in the future? We have some amazing all-inclusive packages available and can save you time and money so you and yours have the best time possible! After all, one of us is a former Disney Cast Member, and as a husband and wife team we travel the world in search of the best destinations possible.  Fill out our form HERE to receive your FREE quote. Our services are completely free for you to utilize and you will get YEARS of experience on your side when booking with Moffits- Mad Hatter Adventures.

Always consider booking with an Authorized Disney Vacation Planning Agency. We will be available to assist you with everything from finding the best value for your travel party to getting dining reservations and Fastpass+ attractions lined up.  Just get in touch with us at or watch our adventures on Facebook. We don’t just book Disney, we LIVE it!

We are a FULL SERVICE travel agency- if you can travel there, we can book it for you!



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