Think You Can Still Afford Disney?

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The Off Key Of Life

I came across my ticket book the first time we took our oldest daughter to The Magic Kingdom in Orlando in 1976. The cost for a one day adult entry with 10 attractions was $7.00. For a 12 attraction entry the cost was $8.25. This was up from $4.40 for a seven attraction price when the park opened in 1971.

tn_76-12rideADaopWell, things have definitely changed at Mickey’s place. Disney has raised the gate price to the Magic Kingdom 41 times since the park opened, including nearly doubling it in the past decade. This year the price for a one day adult admission to the “happiest place on earth,” will set you back 105.00 plus tax. That’s the first time a one day admission to the park has exceeded $100.00.

But Disney has no plans to stop there. They are considering a three-tiered park admission plan.  Their highest plan would allow…

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