Money Saving Monday – Benefits of Staying on Disney Property

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Benefits of staying on Disney property

From Cinderella’s Castle to the Tree of Life, Disney magic can be seen through the eyes and felt through the heart. Around every corner there seems to be a new enchanted experience that is tailor made for your family. This is what keeps us coming back to Walt Disney World – the chance to relive our childhood dreams while simultaneously interacting with innovation, technology, and novelty. Disney’s unmatched attention to detail and genuine commitment to incredible service allow guests the freedom to shed their “real world” responsibilities and live in the moment on Disney time. If you choose to stay on Disney property in one of the many Disney owned resort hotels, you are in store for even more magical Disney extras! We will explore these benefits one-by-one and discover how Disney resort hotel guest entitlements can make your vacation even more magical and perhaps, save you time and money.

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