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New FRANCE food!

What do YOU think?

Eating WDW

Boulangerie Patisserie recently made its makeover debut in Epcot’s France pavilion. I wanted to check it out and grab a quick bite, so here’s what it looks like now!les-halles-boulangerie-patisserie-exterior

The queue area is quite large now, so no more squeezing in for space in a narrow area.


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Sephora and Disney

What are your thoughts?



Disney and Sephora.

What an exciting pairing. For the girl who loves makeup and grew up in the 90s glory days of Disney, this is a match made in heaven. When the Cinderella palette was released last fall, I almost flipped with excitement.

I give major props to Sephora for coming up with the idea to begin with. They took exact pantone colors from the original film and made shadow and lipstick colors to match. For those who love design, color, and pantone; this simple idea is fantastic and intriguing. It’s so “official Disney” feeling that you can’t help but buy in to the novelty of it all.

Now that you’ve gotten excited about the Cinderella collection and bought up all the beautifully packaged cosmetics, Sephora is moving to the next princess: Jasmine.

Like Cinderella’s, the Jasmine collection is gorgeous. They’ve outdone themselves as far as packaging goes. Each…

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Flower and Garden Festival


March 6 – May 19, 2013 is the Epcot International Flower and Garden Festival where you can celebrate the great outdoors!

Every weekend during this special time you can catch a Festival tradition, the Flower Power Concert Series. Head over to the Festival Center, where you can experience a demonstration led by HGTV personalities or get tips from Epcot gardening experts. Be sure to visit Festival Center located in Innoventions East for all the details!

festival center

Don’t want to look at a map? Let someone else be your guide!

The Gardens of the World Tour is only offered on select days during Epcot’s Flower and Garden Festival

Everywhere you look at the Walt Disney World Resort, the trees, shrubs and flowers play a vital role in setting the stage for recreation, entertainment and beauty.  Disney landscaping has become a recognized show in itself, providing color and enjoyment throughout the year.  Did you know that only…

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3D Disney Tech?

Are you excited about this new tech?


I recently read a post talking about new 3D technology that will be used at Disney theme parks. I haven’t heard a hint of this in regular news yet. We won’t see it in regular news for a while and I am sure that they will not include all of the information and graphics that were on the site because it may be too off putting for people who are not as interested in animation.


3D technology at theme parks and in other large scale venues would have to change. For the reasons related to cost, as well as for Disney to remain competitive. That’s one of the reasons why they bought Pixar in the first place.


Disney Digital 3D technology that has been used in movies such as John Carter has changed the face of movies. It makes scenes such as those in animated films like the…

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Sunday Funnies: Saturday Night Live and the Real Housewives of Disney

Night in Epcot

How magical is EPCOT to you at night?

It’s Frozen Outside – Disney’s 53rd animated feature.

Excited? We are!