Oh Noes! Don’t Let This Happen to You! Support Small Businesses!

by Rhonda Moffit, Moffits-Mad Hatter Adventures  June 28, 2017


I’m gonna be blunt for just a minute.

When you book your travel with Moffits: Mad Hatter Adventures, you are helping us personally. It helps us to support our four children. It helps us to pay for housing, insurance, healthcare, food, and everyday necessities. It helps us do fun things like Disney and travel. Without your help we would be in big trouble. We VALUE our Mad Hatter client family!

We would MUCH rather you ask us for several quotes and change things a million times than to worry about “bothering” us. And we beg of you……if something is cheaper than our quotes, let us attempt to price match. MANY of our booking engines do price matches!

Don’t let this be you! Book with us- anywhere you can travel, we can book! Cruises, beaches, desert or lake. We will work hard for you, whenever you need us! Don’t wind up at a resort you overpay for, or at a tourist trap that you could avoid and spend time elsewhere that is highly rated. We know the best places to travel and the best deals for any budget. We do ALL Disney, Universal, Sandals, Beaches, and so much more!

The worst thing for us is to look at our social media feeds and see people we know on the road, doing things we know to avoid – and paying too much for them. It honestly bothers us because these are friends and acquaintances! We care about these folks. We want them to have nothing but the best experiences when traveling with their families just the same as we want it for our own family. Yes, anyone can open an app and find a resort or hotel to stay at these days- but they won’t have the exact rating information that we are privy to.  There is a reason these apps make money off of the bookings. Let us guide you and keep you from falling into a pitfall during travel.

Why not book through our agency and support our local economy?!

Just being honest, folks, and if you ask me the world needs more of that these days. Let’s support one another- and while we are at it please let us know if you sell a small business product (we are seeking a LuLaRoe Disney individual to work with right now!). Support is everything!

Much love! Thank you to all who have booked with us, and we look forward to booking many more of you in the coming days!


Leave us a comment, a like, or just share us with your pals!  🙂


Are you visiting Disney, Universal, or ANY vacation destination in the future? We have some amazing all-inclusive packages available and can save you time and money so you and yours have the best time possible! After all, one of us is a former Disney Cast Member, and as a husband and wife team we travel the world in search of the best destinations possible.  Fill out our form HERE to receive your FREE quote. Our services are completely free for you to utilize and you will get YEARS of experience on your side when booking with Moffits- Mad Hatter Adventures.

Always consider booking with an Authorized Disney Vacation Planning Agency. We will be available to assist you with everything from finding the best value for your travel party to getting dining reservations and Fastpass+ attractions lined up.  Just get in touch with us at moffits@madhatteradv.com or watch our adventures on Facebook. We don’t just book Disney, we LIVE it!

We are a FULL SERVICE travel agency- if you can travel there, we can book it for you!



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