Pondering: Disney’s Paint the Night Parade

by Rhonda Moffit, Moffits-Mad Hatter Adventures    June 1, 2017


Photos ©Moffits- Mad Hatter Adventures, 2017

We at Moffits- Mad Hatter Adventures are being asked a very popular question. The chatter is frequent and the speculation running wild. Since the Main Street Electrical Parade left Orlando for Disneyland last fall, everyone would like to know- what about the Paint the Night Parade? Will there be a new parade at Walt Disney World? Will there be no parade at all? What is going on?


Photos ©Moffits- Mad Hatter Adventures, 2017

We have been told by sources at Disney that the Paint the Night Parade is packed up and going somewhere- but we are hopeful that they will announce exactly where soon. Many multitudes of fans are hoping that the beautiful spectacle of dazzling lights will wind up at Walt Disney World, but it could go elsewhere (Tokyo is a strong rumor).


Photos ©Moffits- Mad Hatter Adventures, 2017

Paint the Night is an amazing parade (it is my favorite of all that I have seen at Disney Parks). It features more modern characters and very impressive technology. The parade only ran for a short duration during Disneyland’s 60th Diamond Celebration.

What do YOU think? Would you love to see Paint the Night come to Walt Disney World Resort? Comment and let us know.


Photos and video ©Moffits- Mad Hatter Adventures, 2017


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  1. I just love paint the night!! It is my favorite parade they’ve ever had. So I’m about to be a little greedy but honestly I’d like them to unpack it and put it back in it’s home Disneyland because we miss it dearly! -S😬

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