Why Use a Travel Agent for a Disney Vacation? Reason Two…


Hello all! In our last article (HERE) we told you all about personalized planning services, which are VERY important when planning a Disney vacation. Now, it’s time for REASON TWO- knowledge of Disney Parks and all package components.

True Disney travel agents have successfully passed the Disney College of Knowledge courses and must re-certify each and every year. The majority of travel agents specializing in Disney became an certified because of their passion for Disney travel (what’s not to love?!). You will find while choosing a travel agent that many of them own or write for Disney blogs and websites. Walt’s Basement is a stellar Disney site (has been since 2006) and they use Moffits at Mad Hatter Adventures for a reason! They are Earmarked and an Authorized Disney Vacation Planner agency- plus, one of the owners that plans directly for you is a former WDW Cast Member.


Being Earmarked and an authorized Disney Vacation Planner Agency is a BIG deal. Gaining one of the Earmarked awards is an even bigger deal because it shows that the agency is doing great things for their clients. Disney keeps close tabs on agencies and wants the best customer service satisfaction possible to come through. Walt Disney World is constantly growing and changing and agents must keep up with the latest news and details to pass along to their clients. It has been a challenge, as Disney is always changing, evolving, and trying to bring the latest and greatest innovations to Guests.

There are so many details to keep track of- choose an agency that truly cares about you and yours. The refurbishment list is a good reason all by itself to go with a travel agency- it is ALWAYS changing. You can spend hours planning an itinerary (which you MUST do if visiting WDW in particular) only to find that once you arrive, your chosen attraction is down for refurbishment. It happens. A good TA (yes, like Moffits at MHA) will plan ahead and check on details for you right up until you leave to prevent you from wasting precious park time!


Another benefit of using a knowledgeable TA is that they know where all of the care stations, restrooms, first aid stations, and baby care centers are located. While most travel agents don’t want you to text them while you are at a park and they can direct you, Moffits at MHA does just that! They can help you out even while you are on your well earned vacation!

You want the BEST package available for your family and you do not want to run into hours of wasted time. Choose a great authorized Disney vacation planner and you will not have to worry about that at all! You want to experience the magic, not the mayhem.



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