Why Use a Travel Agent for a Disney Vacation? Reason One…


Why Use a Travel Agent for a Disney Vacation? Reason One…Personalized Planning Services

When you book your vacation with a Disney travel agent, the agent will be your go-to contact throughout the entire planning process, start to finish. For a Disney vacation, unless you want to skip or miss a lot (especially at WDW), this can be an amazing benefit for you. You can turn to your agent, usually 24/7, with any concerns, questions, or ideas for your itinerary. Your agent will then work side by side with Disney to ensure that no detail is left out for your magical vacation. Simply put, you won’t need to spend your time contacting Disney for a single thing. In contrast, if you book your own reservations directly through Disney, you will speak to a different agent (Cast Member) every time you call or email. There will not be a personal relationship with any perks at all, whereas when you work directly with a personal travel agent you will have these perks and someone working consistently just for YOU.

It is a fact that when you book with a travel agent, you will not be able to discuss your resort reservation with Disney after the time of booking. All communications are completed between your agent and Disney. Why is this a good thing? Simple! You will not have to remain on a phone line for what is almost always hours just waiting to make simple changes or ask a question about your resort reservation. Should you realize (usually while resting in the middle of the night) that you want a refrigerator in your room, you can simply email your agent and they can discover the possibilities for such a request rather than your spending your entire lunch hour on hold the following day. While you are always able to access your reservation details through My Disney Experience, you do not have access to make changes to the resort reservation. You can, however, edit or change dining and FastPass+ reservations through that site or app.

We recommend Moffits at Mad Hatter Adventures for all of your planning needs, and when it comes to personalized service you needn’t worry- this amazing agency has recently received the Earmarked Award for Service and Professionalism from Disney! What an honor!


Mad Hatter Adventures Earmarked Program Award, 2016

Should you book with Moffits at Mad Hatter Adventures, you will receive far more than the normal travel documents from Disney- in addition to those, you will get information specially tailored to your family or travel group that will assist you in avoiding common mistakes, planning amazing one of a kind experiences that are not widely known, and even how to come into contact with a character or two that is a favorite. Moffits at Mad Hatter Adventures is co-owned by a former WDW Cast Member and founder of Walt’s Basement- for the Love of All Things Disney, so you will get the benefit of having someone who knows all the ins and outs of the Disney parks on call- just for you and yours!

Don’t navigate a Disney vacation plan on your own- use an agency such as Mad Hatter Adventures. Their services are free to you and are absolutely invaluable when it comes time to plan the most memorable Disney experience possible! After all, that is the goal. Send an email to Moffits at Mad Hatter Adventures by clicking HERE. They will bend over backwards to assist you in all of your travel adventures!


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