Favorite Disney Web Site of the Month- Walt’s Basement


Don’t be just a number at bigger Disney sites! Walt’s Basement Disney Forum has officially upgraded their web site. Since 2006, they have offered personal and very special services to their members, affectionately called “Basementeers” (ala Mousketeers). Now, they have a state of the art website that was just launched a couple months ago and you can join the almost 100 people who have already signed up to be part of the club.

Get sound advice from Moderators for your Disney Park adventures as well as share in Disney fun and friendship every day at the SSL protected WB Forum. This past weekend, over $200 was given away as Disney prizes to members just for playing a few contests and posting on the site and that is a common occurrence.

Walt’s Basement has done everything from raise funds for Make A Wish Foundation to helping those in need through private donations, and it is something to see a group of Disney fans combine in strength for values that would make Walt himself proud. It is a total non-profit group full of volunteers that really do what they do just for the love of all things Disney.

Register for a free or premium account (for free, just don’t select the options for premium when you sign up), verify your email (click that link) and you are ready to post at the Forum, participate in some amazing Disney contests and discussions- everything! ALL of your information is protected and is not sold to the highest bidder, ever. It is used to enhance and personalize your experience on the site for YOUR benefit, not theirs.

COME TO OUR HOUSE BEFORE YOU VISIT THE MOUSE is one of their mottos, and they are not kidding. Choose a great Disney screen name for your Forum account that reflects your personal Disney preferences while you are at it.

Click HERE to go to the Walt’s Basement Forum, and sign up!

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