Top 5 Romantic Restaurants for couples in WDW

Good sound advice in my opinion, dearie- don’t sell yourself short! -Mztress

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Romance means different things to different couples.  To me if I want a romantic meal with my husband, I want a restaurant that has few children present.  I want an atmosphere of quiet, and I want a setting that isn’t kitschy.  With all of this in mind, here are my Top 5 Romantic Restaurants for couples in WDW.  These are not ranked from least romantic to most romantic, they are  just five good spots to try out if you are looking for a special meal.  And it’s my opinion…what do I know!

1. Citricos–At The Grand Floridian

My husband and I dined at Citricos in 2011.  We broke away from the family and sat down for a nice signature meal.  First off, I love the Grand Floridian.  I do feel like it has more of a sophisticated feel to it, and I feel it is Romantic.  We were seated…

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