5 tips on Doing Disney With a Disney Dud

I chuckled through this entire article! It is difficult and annoying to do Disney with a “dud”, but if you have to- this helps!-Mztress

Michelle's Intel

For those that know me, they will back me up on this: I LOVE Disneyland.

Even at 26 years old, I am convinced the place is magic. Between the food, rides, entertainment, and overall experience there is nothing better than a trip to Disneyland. That being said, there are a few in my family that do not appreciate all the magic Disney has to offer. Here are some tips I have found useful in my own experience when dealing with a Disney Dud:

1. Plan ahead.

– There is really nothing more important than allowing your Disney Dud to be mentally prepared for all that is Disney. The crowds, the waiting in line, the decision making, all of this can lead to complaints from your Disney Dud, so we relieve some of these complaints by planning ahead! As your Disney trip approaches you can easily plan a FLEXIBLE itinerary to…

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