Show Spotlight: Main Street Ragtime Piano

I love this both at WDW and DLR! The neat part about WDW is that audience members can actually join the player from time to time!-Mztress

“But there’ll be no new tunes on this old piano…”

What is the Main Street Ragtime Piano?

Ragtime Robert at the piano.Ragtime Robert at the piano.

The Disneyland Main Street Ragtime Piano Player helps provide a wonderful ambiance and adds to the theming and place-setting of the area by playing regular half-hour-long sets of cheerful, upbeat music.

These performers play anything from classic Disney tunes to period pieces to numbers from famous musicals or may even take requests from the crowd!

Walt Disney World Resort’s Magic Kingdom also has a pianist at Casey’s Corner – the sister location on their Main Street, U.S.A. But one of the differences I definitely noticed between the two was that the Casey’s Corner pianist plays with his back to the crowd so folks can see the music being played. Whereas at Disneyland, the musicians play facing the crowd so they can interact with them better – although you…

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