The Mysterious Epcot Sinkhole

This one is interesting! Anyone know of more details?-Mztress


Not sure how many people have heard about the mysterious sinkhole at Epcot center. According to the story, the sinkhole is that area where The Odyssey Restaurant was built, and subsequently where they formed a small lake area and bridge walkways.

If you do a web search you can find stories and articles about the sinkhole.  Basically before Epcot was built, the land in that spot was sinking, I believe they had vehicles parked there during the construction phase and they noticed the ground sinking.

After they discovered the sinkhole area, they changed design plans – moved some ideas around, and came up with what you see above. They reinforced the building and walkways with concrete pylons, anchored the monorail line to concrete pads, they loaded up the hole with concrete and formed this small lake as you can see above.

I had no idea about the backstory about the…

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