Keeping the magic alive at home!

I think we can ALL relate to this one! Nice article about keeping Disney magic alive while at home!-Mztress

Disney Dreaming Podcast

So many times, I find myself at home or at work and dreaming of being in Walt Disney World.  The ennui of life overtakes me, and I dream of Soaring, Splashing, and Spacing around my favorite place.  I then click back to reality and go into a mini-depression that can only be cured by Walt Disney World’s background loops.  One of the favorite apps/sites I’ve ever found was live365 radio.  It is constantly playing in my office at work, whether softly or loudly, and if I’m on my computer at home, I am inevitably listening to something park related.  Come on, let’s go save Big Red! You can find ride audio, parade audio, background loops of parks or resorts, and Disney Movie soundtracks.  Why does this fill me with such calm?  I think because when I’m in WDW I’m on vacation and I don’t have any worries besides making it…

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