Healthy Options in Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Healthy options are becoming more important all the time! I love this article – Mztress.

Anna Yott, Dream Come True Vacations

Disney-Animal-Kingdom-Healthy-Dining-Options-Tea-AnandapurI know it can seem REALLY difficult to find healthy options while on vacation.

And many people think that you can only get hamburgers and french fries at Disney World, however there are a lot of healthy dining and drink options located throughout the “world”, today I am going to look at one of my favorite hidden gems in the Animal Kingdom, Royal Anandapur Tea Company!

This quick-stop is located in the “Asia” area of the theme park, and although not on the Disney Dining Plan, is worth a stop in my opinion!  The themeing is set to recreate the look of a small Asian Tea Market, and the line never seems to be too long, so this can be a great stop to start your morning off.  The Tea Company offer Joffrey’s coffee, chai, hot cocoa, and plenty of regular teas, however my favorites are the specialty teas like the

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