Once Upon A Disney Parade

Spectromagic Mickey!

Spectromagic Mickey!

There have been many parades at the Disney Parks over the years- what is your favorite? What triggers a happy memory for you? This blogger is partial to the crowd favorites Spectromagic and the Main Street Electrical Parade, but let’s not forget the others through the years.

1960–1964, Mickey at the Movies

1965–1976, 1980–1985, Fantasy on Parade

1972–1975, 1977–1983, 1985–1996, Main Street Electrical Parade

1975–1976;, America on Parade

1983, Flights of Fantasy

1984, Donald’s 50th Birthday

1986, Totally Minnie

1986–1988, Circus on Parade

1987, Snow White’s 50th Anniversary

1987–1988, State Fair

1988–1989, Blast To The Past

1988–1989, Mickey’s 60th Birthday

1989–1990, Hooray For Disney Stars Parade

1990, Disney’s Party Gras Parade

1991, Celebration, U.S.A.

1992, The World According to Goofy

1993–1994, Aladdin’s Royal Caravan

1994–1997, The Lion King Celebration

1996–1997, Cruisin’ The Kingdom

1997, Light Magic

1997–1998, Hercules’ Victory Parade

1998–October 1999, Mulan Parade

Late 1999–2005, Parade of the Stars

2005–2008, Walt Disney’s Parade of Dreams

2009–2010, Celebrate! A Street Party

2011– Soundsational

Which is your favorite???

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