Pets at Disney?

Mouze Kateerz

Best Friends Pet Care

By Amanda C. Best Friends Pet Care front

So the suitcases are packed and the family is excited to be heading to the Magic Kingdom but there’s one family member that needs alternate vacation arrangements. Many families these days have a pet (cat, dog, bird, snake, hamster). What do you do with Fifi, Fido, or Polly while you are on vacation? Some people get a neighbor or family member to watch their beloved pet. There is another option! On the Disney property tucked away near Port Orleans French Quarter Resort is Best Friends Pet Care.

Best Friends Pet Care will board your animal dog, cat, and even reptile. While you are on vacation so is your pet. Each animal gets their own suite for their stay. For dog the their suites range from 36 square feet and potty walks to a 226 square foot luxury suite with tv, web cam, bedtime stories and a bath…

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