Killing Time


Disney and Pixar released news on the sequel to Finding Nemo today.  The film will be called Finding Dory and will focus on that character finding her family with the help of her friends from the first film.  Andrew Stanton will return to direct as will Ellen DeGeneres to voice Dory.  The film is scheduled for a November 2015 release (2015 has EVERYTHING!). 

Dory is my favorite Pixar character.  I’ve been extremely skeptical of Pixar sequeling itself.  Yes, the Toy Story series was perfect, but I give you Cars 2.  I hope Monsters University is good, but I’m not sold on it.  This film made no sense to me until this news today.  With the talent they have and an intriguing premise, you can add this to the monstrous list of stuff to look forward to in 2015.  Below is the entire press release from Disney.

When Dory said “just keep…

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