Thoughts on Captain EO- Then and Now.

Do YOU like Captain EO? Have you seen it at Disneyland?

Art-Club 33

Captain EO is an incredibly geeky and wonderfully campy space-aged 3D musical. It stars Michael Jackson and Angelica Huston, is directed by Francis Ford Coppola and is produced by George Lucas. It originally ran in the Disney parks from the mid 80’s to the late 90’s and in 2010 it reopened at both Disneyland (Anaheim, Paris & Tokyo) and Disney World to commemorate Michael Jackson’s death.

I remember seeing Captain EO at least twice in my kinder years, and I also remember being scared crapless. Angelica Houston plays a really creepy cyborg alien witch thingy , also known as “The Supreme Leader”.  There was one point towards the end of the film where her long menacing 3D fingers grasp at your face that absolutely terrified me.  The first time I witnessed this I shut my eyes as tight as possible and I plugged my ears with my pudgy little fingers…

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