Do you remember the first time you ever saw Cinderella’s Castle or Sleeping Beauty’s Castle?


I will never forget the first time I saw the Castle at Walt Disney World. I was 12 years old on a journey far from home with my cousin who insisted that I would not have a proper life unless I started out by visiting Walt Disney World. Little did I know then how much of an impact Walt Disney World would have on my own life. Walking down Main Street USA for the very first time was an experience that I will never forget. The sights and smells, echoing laughter, and smiles on everyone’s face are imprinted in my memory forever.


It is a very true statement that when I visit Walt Disney World even to this day I am delighted to see the Cinderella’s Castle at the end of Main Street, for it is a vision to behold and represents so much for so many, including the fact that dreams really do come true. Not only is Cinderella’s Castle an iconic fortress, but it’s romantic beauty does indeed represent the Walt Disney company itself.

From viewing the 14 karat gold tiles in the Cinderella Castle mosaic to dining like royalty inside the restaurant Cinderella’s Royal table, Cinderella Castle holds something dear for every visitor to the Walt Disney World resort.


One of my families favorite memories includes one of Cinderella’s mice taking my husband’s hat off and playing with it while we were dining at Cinderella’s Royal table. Another favorite memory that occurred in the same eatery is that of my honeymoon. I will never forget being seated next to the window inside Cinderella’s Castle while watching the Wishes fireworks spectacular going on outside, sharing a very special moment with my new husband.

I have a unique perspective of Cinderella Castle however, since I actually was Cinderella for two years while employed with the Walt Disney company. Although I will not give up any trade secrets, I can tell you that the experience changed my life. Portraying a Disney character day after day is more challenging than you think. I never allowed reality to enter my mind while I was on Disney’s clock. Allowing this to occur would have had devastating consequences. There is no way I would have ever let down a child or allowed a child to view Cinderella as anything but the actual Cinderella. Inspiring scores of children to believe in their dreams was my number one goal, and I achieved that.

Regardless if you are East Coast Disney or West Coast Disney, your perspective of your respective Castle matters. So which Castle is it for you and what does it represent?

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