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Tokyo Disney Resort: Where Dreams Come True

Have any of you visited Tokyo Disney Resort? Did you enjoy it?

Mac & Cheese and Ramen

Anyone who knows me will know that I am a HUGE fan of all things Disney. I actually want to work for the company when I get old enough to have a real job (that’s in what…2 years? Ahhhhh!!!) Thus, when I came to Japan, one of my many goals was to visit both parks in the Tokyo Disney Resort: Tokyo Disneyland (TDL) and Tokyo Disney Sea (TDS). I ended up visiting both parks (Disneyland twice!). I had unique experiences each time and I would like to give my interpretation of each trip and explain how a certain area of Chiba Prefecture is sprinkled with a bit of Pixie Dust with a Japanese twist.

Tokyo Disneyland: July 2012

I knew from the moment I stepped into Japan that one of my goals for the summer was to visit TDL. I have been to Walt Disney World (WDW) several times as…

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The Cricket was also a Crow…

Which character is your favorite?

midnight gravy

Sure, Cliff Edwards played Jiminy Cricket in Pinocchio, but he also played a crow
in Disney’s Dumbo in 1941. Yeah, I know: a white guy pretending to be black could
be considered racist by today’s standards – his character’s named Jim Crow – but it
was a different world in 1941. And man! could the dude sing! When I See an Elephant Fly
was written by Oliver Wallace and Ned Washington…

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It’s Frozen Outside – Disney’s 53rd animated feature.

Excited? We are!

Dining at the Liberty Tree Tavern

We LOVE the Liberty Tree- don’t you?

Mouze Kateerz

My Dreams of Disney

Liberty Tree Tavern is a one table-service credit restaurant on the Disney Dining Plan, and reservations for this restaurant are recommended.  When we last ate at the Liberty Tree Tavern, it was way back on Sophie’s birthday, June 19, 2008, and it was a character dining location.  Minnie Mouse, Pluto, Chip & Dale came to meet us, and it was a wonderful setting for a character meal.

Liberty Tree Tavern is no longer a character meal, but I’m betting that the food is as delicious as ever!  Themed much like the land that is occupies, Liberty Square, the food is based on what you would find during the Colonial Days, when the United States was in it’s infancy.  Here is the dinner menu, the kids menu, and the lunch menu for you to peruse at your leisure.

The dinner menu is served family style, with wonderful dishes, I…

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