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Upcoming Pixar Film Gets Official Title!


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It’s been known for some time that Pete Docter, director of the Pixar’s Academy Award winning UP, has been hard at work on his next Pixar production. Much like many Hollywood projects nowadays, it even already has a tentative release date of July 19, 2015. What no one knew was what it would be called.

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Disney Infinity ‘Cars’ Play Set Unveiled


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Cars Play Set coming to Disney Infinity

Disney has been the source of many a media entertainment headline in the past month and not only because of the many happenings in the film industry revolving around Marvel Studios and their six movies in development or Lucasfilm and their early work on five confirmed Star Wars movies.

Three weeks ago, Disney made some execs at Activision concerned when they unveiled Disney Infinity, a large-scale digital toy box of content based on some of the largest and most recognizable brands in the Disney library. Disney Infinity is a game that combines elements of not only Activision’s kid-friendly toy-based Skylanders cash machine, but of the wildly popular and imaginative Minecraft, with a little LittleBigPlanet and Kart racing thrown in.

The appeal of Infinity is that it seemingly is open to infinite possibilities. Players purchase toy figure$ of their favorite Disney characters, from Jack Sparrow and Buzz Lightyear to Sully and Mr. Incredible, and access them in-game…

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‘The Blue Umbrella’: First look at Pixar’s rainy day love story

Love Pixar Shorts? Looking forward to this one?

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A rainy twilight sets the stage for two umbrellas to fall in love in a clip from “The Blue Umbrella” — a short film set to debut before Pixar’s “Monsters University” this June.

Pixar has become nothing short of a hit machine, churning out many of Hollywood’s most popular and critically acclaimed animated features over the last 15 years. But equally beloved are the Pixar Shorts — the animated short films that have accompanied each Pixar theatrical release since old Geri played a game of chess against himself in “Geri’s Game,” which debuted before “A Bug’s Life” in 1998.

The shorts have become known for originality and charm, and have garnered three Oscar wins plus seven nominations collectively, including a nod for “La Luna,” which screened before last year’s “Brave.”

“The Blue Umbrella” looks to follow suit, if the adorable 26-second preview released this week is any indication.

The six-minute…

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It’s Frozen Outside – Disney’s 53rd animated feature.

Excited? We are!

Pixar Short Films Collection 2 will be released on November 2012

Are YOU excited? I am!