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Reside in the Haunted Mansion?

by Mztressofallevil


Everyone in my family (other than those that live in my house, that is) thinks I am a bit mad. I would LOVE to live in the Haunted Mansion at Walt Disney World.

Ever since I was a young girl I have been amused and fascinated by the 999 Happy Haunts and their not-so-humble abode. They always tell you that there is “room for one more” and ask for volunteers, so why not? I VOLUNTEER, DISNEY!

In all seriousness, the details of the mansion are something that scores of Disney fans adore and cherish. Just traveling through the mansion is a feast for the senses. You feel the chill of the breeze regardless of the weather outside, and you can sense the “spirits” all around you without fearing the “other side”. It is a grim grinning great time for all ages.

You begin in the all-time favorite, the Stretching Room, complete with the hilarious portraits and the introduction to our “Ghost Host”.



Just a bit later, after you find your way out of the room with no windows and no doors, you can see much from the comfort of your Doombuggy. These images are intentionally out of order, however, for I don’t want to spoil it if you have not yet ventured into the mansion yourself.

Lots of stairs. That could get confusing if one leaves a Doombuggy. I will wait for a better departure point.

Definitely leaving this lid intact as long as possible.

Ah, here we go! The Ballroom banquet. What’s for dinner?

Of course, I don’t think I could party on the chandelier above the table. Heights are not my thing. But party on, chandelier dudes!

The Singing Busts. I can carry a tune- oh they just have to let me join in.

Madame Leota presiding over her seance.Lots of musical instruments in that room. Maybe she will let me play one?

The Attic and a portrait of Constance with one of her unlucky husbands, all of whom met with an early demise courtesy of an axe.

Constance! I am sure we would get on fabulously- after all, we could have lots of girl talk and I am not taking anything with sharp edges with me.

Ezra, Gus, and Phineas. Now why are they always trying to hitch a ride away from the mansion? Ah, the grass really is always greener I suppose.

Which is YOUR favorite room in the Haunted Mansion?
Would YOU join the 999 Happy Haunts as I would? (Or is my family right- am I batty?)

Shall we plan a weekend?

Missing in the Mansion (Disneyland Haunted Mansion)

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A fellow running blogger, Fit Fit Britt Britt sent me this video documentary from the Haunted Mansion at Disneyland.  This was an awesome video and could not wait to share it.  It was amazing.  Be sure at the end of the video to watch the follow-up video.

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Where To Stay at Disney World – On Property versus Off

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One of the first questions I’m usually asked when discussing travel to Disney World is “Where should I stay?”  I’d love to say that there’s a single answer that is right for everyone, but there really isn’t.  I think the discussion comes down to one major question.  Do you want to stay on property or off.  There are pros and cons to each and I’m here to help you separate the two and make the decision that works best for you and your family.

Let’s start with staying on property, i.e. in one of the Disney owned resorts:

Staying on Disney property is a great experience and one that I recommend everyone try at least once.  When you stay on property, it’s like the magic continues from the time you wake up until you go back to sleep.  Disney resorts are well maintained and range from economical to luxurious.  All…

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