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Disney Has Revealed A First Look at Tim Burton’s Live-Action ‘Dumbo’- and Our Hearts Are Already Melting

by Rhonda Moffit, Moffits-Mad Hatter Adventures    April 25, 2018


At Tuesday’s live presentation at CinemaCon in Las Vegas, NV there was literally an elephant in the room. Disney revealed some footage from the Tim Burton version of the upcoming live-action Dumbo film.

While Disney has not officially released any footage yet worldwide, many at the event took a picture of little Dumbo and shared him with the world.

Dumbo is scheduled to be released on March 29, 2019.
Isn’t he adorable?! Let us know your thoughts in the comments.



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Disney D23 Expo: Ask For Something Weird

What are YOUR thoughts about D23? Are you going to attend? Wish you were attending?

For The Record

Preview image for this weekend’s big expo released by Marvel and Disney.

This weekend’s heavily anticipated Disney D23 Expo event is mostly anticipated for the potential of Star Wars: Episode VII news, but it would be foolish to ignore Marvel and Pixar, who no doubt have big things up their sleeves as well. It is the former who have released a promo image for the event, simply saying “Ask for something WEIRD”.

What this is alluding to is uncertain, but the official line says that if you ask you will “get your first look at an all-new project coming from Marvel and Disney!”

The most popular possibility would be a much sought after Doctor Strange announcement, with weird obviously a synonym for strange. Fans have been clamouring for a Strange film ever since Marvel Studios opened its doors, and it is heavily rumoured to be part of the Phase…

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History of Mickey Mouse — Infographic

What do you think?



I am not shy at all to admit that I am in love with a mouse.  I have always adored Mickey and millions of other around the world have as well — so much so that he has become instantly recognizable in every corner of the globe and a part of many cultures. But how did our hero rise from his humble beginnings as a replacement for Walt Disney’s lost character of Oswald the Lucky Rabbit to the superstar he is now?  Today’s inforgraphic traces his history and evolution from his “birth” in 1928 to present. [VIA]

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The Architecture of EPCOT

Traveling With Teddy

Japanese Torii


For those of you who have been following my blog for the past year, (Wow! A year already. Thank you to everyone!) you know that my favorite Walt Disney World theme park is EPCOT. And my favorite part of EPCOT is World Showcase. I’ve always loved to travel and around World Showcase you can visit 10 foreign countries all in one afternoon.

To pay tribute to those countries around the lagoon and to give you a taste of what those countries are really like, the Disney Imagineers did a beautiful job of recreating the architecture of each country when they designed the different pavilions. I’ve gathered some photos from both EPCOT and the countries to give you a comparison. EPCOT photos on the left, real places on the right.

Canada is patterned after a 19th century French chateau in Quebec City.

Canada Pavilion            

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Disney for Five+

There’s no doubt that this ride is a must-do, especially on your first trip to Disney World. But waiting in a long outdoor line (usually in the heat) for a relatively short ride isn’t ideal. So I was pretty excited back when I started hearing about Dumbo’s new location and upgrades, including a second spinner to double the capacity of the ride and an air-conditioned indoor activity/waiting area. This new-and-improved Dumbo opened last year, and on our most recent trip to the World, we got to check it out first-hand.

IMG_4935-Dumbo sign-p

When arriving at the ride, we went to the “ticket booth” and received a pager. We then went into the big top, where my husband and I were able to sit and relax while the boys explored.

After a while (I kind of lost track of the time, I was so busy taking in all the sights), our pager buzzed…

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The Cricket was also a Crow…

Which character is your favorite?

midnight gravy

Sure, Cliff Edwards played Jiminy Cricket in Pinocchio, but he also played a crow
in Disney’s Dumbo in 1941. Yeah, I know: a white guy pretending to be black could
be considered racist by today’s standards – his character’s named Jim Crow – but it
was a different world in 1941. And man! could the dude sing! When I See an Elephant Fly
was written by Oliver Wallace and Ned Washington…

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