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Disney Dining Plan: Why You NEED It!

by Rhonda Moffit, Moffits-Mad Hatter Adventures  July 2, 2017


We suggest the Disney Dining Plan to all of our Moffits: Mad Hatter Adventures family. It is a no- brainer! If you plan ahead for a vacation at the Walt Disney World Resort (and you really should), there should be no debate about this addition to your package. There are three options when choosing the Disney Dining Plan (Quick Service, Regular, and Deluxe), and you can research which fits your party best prior to booking (with our help should you need info!).

We have taken many, many trips to WDW, and we have loved the trips that we paid for the Dining Plan the best for many reasons. It not only makes the vacation all inclusive, but it completely eliminates stress or worry about what to order! With the Disney Dining Plan, you can stretch out and enjoy yourself completely, knowing it is all paid for already. You can experience some of the very best dining establishments at the Walt Disney World Resort!

Here are some reasons we recommend in favor of the Disney Dining Plan:

1. Ease of Use– This is likely the main reason you should go for the dining plan, plain and simple. It is so simple to use! Your dining points are connected to your reservation (and your magic band) so you never have to think about it. Your receipt after every meal will show how many dining credits and snack credits you have remaining. It is so simple that even your children can go to a snack vendor in the Parks and get what they like for the snack of the moment. They can pay for the snack right with their magic band! And did we mention that you do not have to keep track of your finances for food? This leaves a LOT of time for you to enjoy yourself without adding up every nickle and dime.


2. Control– When your party has the Disney Dining Plan, you have the ability to eat wherever you would like whenever you can get a reservation (or if it is quick service- you can get it whenever you want!). You can choose what you like from a very long list of restaurants, all of which have delicious fare. You can do counter service, a table service, or even a fine character dining experience- it is all point based! Be aware that the  premium restaurants/character dining experiences take 2 points per person instead of the regular 1 point per person, but they are well worth it!


3. Simplicity – Although many think that the Disney Dining Plan will be hard to use and overwhelming, it is not. It is simple. You can see all of your points after each meal and decide where you want to spend them accordingly. Should you book with us, we will even help you plan! Seeing is believing, and it is easy to see once you begin. Never be afraid to ask should you have any questions- all of the Cast Members are eager to assist you.


4. NO STRESS! – When we travel with the dining plan in place, we breathe easy. We have already paid for every meal- how simple is that? No longer concerned with how much this appetizer or entree costs, or if we should add dessert or just keep the bill down and pass, we have complete relaxation and can take our time enjoying the award winning culinary delights. Disney has even announced that the dining plan will now include points for a specialty beverage or alcoholic beverage per meal. Tips are not included, but it is less expensive all around when you use the dining plan, so the tip is commonly lower in amount.


5. SAVE $$$$– As soon as you use the dining plan for your first experience, you will be able to see how much you have saved than if you ordered off of the menu. It is important to keep in mind that at Disney, all magic comes with a price- and the food is costly. With the plan, you can get an appetizer, entree, dessert, and a specialty beverage or alcoholic beverage for everyone in your party! You will be able to see the cash value of your meal, and that will show you exactly all you need to know.


6. Options!– You can order anything off of the menu and choose whatever you like for each part of your meal with the Disney Dining Plan. In fact, you can even talk with a chef or server should you have dietary restrictions and they will bend over backwards to help you. The plan gives you choices, it does not take them away.


7. Character Experiences While Dining – If you like to have a lot of extra fun while at Disney, you should choose a character dining experience. There are a LOT of options at WDW for this, so we tell all of our Mad Hatter family of clients about the possibilities. The Disney Dining Plan allows you to partake in the fun without paying a higher price!


8. HIGH STANDARDS!– Walt Disney World serves some of the best food in the world at it’s restaurants. The quality is outstanding. They even fly in fresh Alaskan salmon every day for some of the locations! It is an experience, each time you eat. With the Disney Dining Plan, you are treated like royalty- but you do not have to concern yourself with the bill. All of your party can eat what they want, without the constraint of a budget.


9. Snack Time!– Everywhere you turn in the Disney Parks, there are little temptations called snack vendors. From popcorn to turkey legs, to Dole Whip to a famous Mickey ice cream bar- you are covered and so are your party members. YUM- more fun and no stress attached! One of the things we hear before our clients go to Disney is that they will just skip the snacking to save money and go without the dining plan. They return and they have ALL told us that they wound up paying more because they did not add the plan, and they could NOT go without some of the most famous and wonderful snack fare in the world.


10. BONUS! – When we had to leave at the end of our last stay, we had some leftover points. Guess what?! You can buy snacks to go in all of the resort shops and vendor locations! We were able to bring some stellar candy, cookies, and such home for other family members without batting an eye- and we even brought a few things for some coworkers. This made everyone happy!


We’ve also heard some clients tell us that “it was just too much food for us” when they booked themselves or ordered on their previous trips. We fixed that! We can tell you which plan will fit your party just based on a few questions so you do not overdo or overpay!

All images ©Moffits: Mad Hatter Adventures

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The info on each Disney Dining Plan level is as follows:

For 2017:

Quick Service Dining

  • 2 quick-service meals
  • 2 snacks
  • 1 refillable mug
Regular Dining

  • 1 table-service meal
  • 1 quick-service meal
  • 2 snacks
  • 1 refillable mug
$69.35 $24.95
Deluxe Dining

  • 3 meals (any combination of table-service and quick-service)
  • 2 snacks
  • 1 refillable mug
$106.68 $38.75
For 2018:

Quick Service Dining

  • 2 quick-service meals
  • 2 snacks
  • 1 refillable mug
Regular Dining

  • 1 table-service meal
  • 1 quick-service meal
  • 2 snacks
  • 1 refillable mug
$75.49 $25.75
Deluxe Dining

  • 3 meals (any combination of table-service and quick-service)
  • 2 snacks
  • 1 refillable mug
$116.25 $39.99

BRAND NEW 2018 Disney Dining Plan Changes!

by Rhonda Moffit, Moffits-Mad Hatter Adventures  June 21, 2017

The Yak Attack is now part of the Disney Dining Plan for 2018! ©Moffits: Mad Hatter Adventures

This week Disney changed things up again. This time, Disney has announced some  changes and alterations to the ever-popular Disney Dining Plan. Coinciding with the release of 2018 Walt Disney World vacation packages, the dining plan changes are highlighted below.

You can discover more information on Disney’s official site or at Moffits: Mad Hatter Adventures (and request a free no-obligation quote!).

Magic Your Way® Packages
Guests of select Walt Disney World® Resort hotels with Magic Your Way Vacation Packages that include a Disney Dining Plan have several new beverage options available.

Beverages – Guests under 21 can choose (1) non-alcoholic beverage (including specialty beverages where offered). Guests over 21 can choose either one (1) single serving non-alcoholic beverage (including specialty beverages where offered) or one (1) single serving mixed cocktail, beer, or wine (where offered) within their meal entitlement.

A single serving non-alcoholic beverage includes items such as:

  • Artisanal Milkshakes
  • Fresh Smoothies
  • Premium Hot chocolates
  • Soda, Coffee, or Tea

A single serving alcoholic beverage includes items such as:

  • Beer or Cider
  • Wine or Sangria
  • Mixed Drinks and Specialty Cocktails

Most beer, wine and mixed drink beverages included, some exceptions apply.
Guests must be age 21 and over and present valid ID to be served one (1) alcoholic beverage.

Alcoholic beverages may only be redeemed with a quick-service or table-service meal entitlement.

Magical Extras


  • Planet Hollywood
  • Wolfgang Puck Express
  • Ghirardelli Ice Cream and Chocolate Shop
  • Live Trends
  • Set the Bar
  • Sublime Gifts and Finds
  • Sugarboo & Co.
  • UGG
  • Vince Camuto
  • Basin


  • The Hairwraps Company
  • Shore



  • Guests may book tee times up to 180 days in advance (subject to availability).

Please note that the last date of a Guest’s 2018 Magic Your Way Package may not be more than 499 days in the future and most airlines can not be booked more than 331 days in the future.

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