Route 66 and CARS LAND

Because I was recently asked to share this one again… you go!

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 Growing up the daughter of a classic car expert (and former drag racer) was not without tales of Historic Route 66. My Dad told me of a time when it was realistic to take off in a large car with fins and cruise West, taking in all the sights and neon of motels, kitschy shops, and a variety of roadside attractions. By the time I was old enough to experience Route 66, all that was left were ghosts of the glory days and skeletal remains of these iconic places. Then Disney released the film “Cars“. Cars was the last film I watched with my Dad before he passed away, and he was not normally a big Disney guy (think more like John Wayne!). He loved Cars, however, and told my children, husband, and myself once again what it was like to have lived the legend.

 On my…

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Disney DIY

Disney obsessed is always a good thing!-Mztress

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Hello all! I am writing to you from the land of Magic and imagination aka Disney World, duh. So let me just tell you all how I ended up here… I have a friend, a Disney obsessed friend to be more specific.She used to work here at Disney’s Magic Kingdom and still has some hookups so we decided to venture on down and check it out!


My favorite parts about the trip thus far are:

Disney really has thought of everything- it’s all soconvenient. We have magic bands that we use for literally everything and multiple different means of transportation for anywhere you want to go. Want to go by boat? Sure! How about bus? Okay great. Oh you want the monorail? Perfect, lets go.

It’s hard to pick favorites when it comes to the parks. We have spent a day at each one to get a taste of all…

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Disney unveils the first official Star Wars mobile app w/ lightsaber training, themed selfies, more

And so it begins…..-Mztress

10 Disney Cartoons Inspired By Real Places

I very much enjoyed this! Thought I would share with everyone.-Mztress

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Happy Birthday, Donald Duck!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO DONALD- he looks great for his age!- Mztress

Animation Fascination

© Disney © Disney

Donald Duck, our favorite irascible web-footed friend, is celebrating his 81st birthday today. He made his debut in Walt Disney’s Silly Symphony short The Wise Little Hen in 1934 and he’s been making us laugh ever since.

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