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Disney is Pulling FROZEN Short (Olaf’s Frozen Adventure) from Coco in Theaters? Why?


By Rhonda Moffit, Moffits-Mad Hatter Adventures  December 4, 2017


Many things have developed recently dealing with the Walt Disney Company, and while transformations of beloved scenes in Disney attractions is creating quite a stir the latest change from the company is to remove the 21 minute short, “Olaf’s Frozen Adventure” from showing before it’s latest release, “Coco”.  Theaters were recently sent this message:

Please note that the run of Olaf’s Frozen Adventure playing before COCO will end after 12/7. Starting on Friday 12/8 no more Olaf shorts should be up on screen. With the extra 22 minutes of running time back, we would appreciate if you could get in an extra show if possible.

Now forgive me, but I am going to present you with something to ponder.

Why are they not removing some of the previews that are shown prior to the main events? Answer= revenue. Why are they wanting the theaters to squeeze in more viewings of Coco? Answer= revenue. I do not blame them from a business standpoint here, but it does remind this author that once upon a time films had entire newsreels, a full length cartoon, and sometimes a double feature included. Now with shorter attention spans and a digital on demand age- we can not sit through a mere 21 minute short film after some previews? Really?

I saw many people complain or comment on social media prior to taking my own family to see Coco this past weekend. We were anxious to see what all the fuss was about. I enjoyed the short film a great deal more than the previews, that is for certain. Olaf’s Frozen Adventure takes place during the holiday season in Arendelle, focusing on Olaf helping Anna and Elsa design a festive celebration and develop traditions for themselves- family values and traditions is something I enjoy, personally. While the film features four new songs and the original cast members, I do agree that it could easily have been cut to two new songs. Yes, it is longer than what the Disney/Pixar audience has come to expect, but for us it was certainly not a big enough deal to actually complain about. If this is what someone has to complain about in life, they must be doing very well in my humble opinion.

Olaf’s Frozen Adventure was originally intended to be a television special, but it has become critically panned, with audiences terribly annoyed that they had to wait for an additional 20 minutes before getting to the main film. Our family was not annoyed, but rather enjoyed the short film to kick off the holiday season and get us all in the mood for family and holiday fun- and traditions. We love nearly all things Disney. It was a lovely and lighthearted short film, and even for those who are not Frozen fans it delivers some beautiful animation. It is not hard to appreciate the labor that went into the creation- very well done.

Many are beginning to wonder why Disney is altering anything such as omitting this short film, classic attraction scenes, etc- simply to appease anyone who might complain as opposed to so many more who do not take exception. Walt Disney did what he believed in and stuck to those beliefs, even refusing entry to his park to some that went against his personal values. We wonder what he would say about these sorts of changes. If you enjoy Frozen, be sure to get to the theater before the short is pulled.  😦

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