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Transportation the Disney Way

We agree with them- do you?


Last weekend I flew to Orlando for a somewhat ill-fated weekend at Disney World with my mom and aunt. Let’s just say my 12-hour delayed flight home was not the worst of the problems…

Nevertheless, I love Disney World, and since my mom and aunt had never been, it was fun to explore everything with them. I love Disney because of the emphasis on imagination and creativity, and the details that permeate everything. This was my fourth trip since 2001, but the first time I stayed in a Disney resort, the Caribbean Beach Resort. I have to say, it was pretty great to be so connected to the parks.

Now that I work in the transportation industry, I saw this trip in a whole new way. I’ve always loved the monorail, even as a small child at Disneyland, and the train that circles the Magic Kingdom, and…

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It’s Frozen Outside – Disney’s 53rd animated feature.

Excited? We are!

The Circus is in Town – the Posters of Storybook Circus

What are your thoughts?

Disney Must-Do: Splash Mountain!

Your thoughts on Splash Mountain?

Disney for Five+

Splash Mountain is a log flume ride, and yet it’s so much more than just a log flume ride. It’s a wonderful combination of drifting lazily along a mellow river, being entertained by the antics of Br’er Rabbit, and experiencing the thrill of several smaller drops that lead to the big one: a five-story plunge! After the finale, you’ll be humming “zip a dee doo dah” as you check out your ride picture (which is taken during the big drop).

Recently, two of my boys wanted to do Splash Mountain as our last ride of the day. It was almost park closing time, so we hustled on over there. We just barely made it to the queue entrance as a cast member called out, “last call for Splash Mountain!” We rode the last log of the day, and what a thrill it was! I can truly say that there is…

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The House With The Good Candy – Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party

Will you be attending Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party this year?

The Evolution of a Kingdom – Alcohol in the Magic Kingdom.

What are your thoughts?

Real Life Disney: Saratoga Springs, NY

What are your thoughts?

Pixar Short Films Collection 2 will be released on November 2012

Are YOU excited? I am!

Halloween Merchandise Debuts At The Disney Parks!

Are you excited for Halloween time at Disney?

Living in a grown up World



Some awesome Halloween themed items are now available for purchase in the Disney Parks and online at disneystore.com

Since I can’t wait for fall, this stuff came at the perfect time for me, and that trick or treat tapestry is right up my alley!

Check out the Disney Parks Blog article about the inspiration behind these fun and spooky items!

Just think, only 10 days until September, which is the start of fall in my book! I’m excited to decorate my house for Halloween and I hope to have some of these items to add to my collection. What about you, which one is your fave?

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Winnie the Pooh

Love Winnie the Pooh! Do you?

B+ Movie Blog

This may be the purest and most innocent of all the Disney films. I dare you to watch this and not enjoy it.

This is basically a remake of the other Pooh film, even though it’s a sequel. The storyline that they follow, you’ll see, is almost exact. It’s more coherent as a plot, so there are differences, but you’ll see a lot of the general situations are exactly the same (some are more fleshed out, some less, but it’s all very similar). And that’s totally fine, because this film is magical.

I am, will will remain, a staunch defender of this film. It is so simple and beautiful. I refuse to believe any child under 6 will not enjoy this. It’s amazing.

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