Disney’s Connection to the Transcontinental Railroad

Tremendously cool.-Mztress

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Always on the lookout for a bit of Disney trivia, my ears perked up when I was at the Golden Spike National Park in Promontory, Utah. You wouldn’t think Disney had anything to do with something made famous 32 years before Walt Disney was even born… but you’d be wrong!

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5 tips on Doing Disney With a Disney Dud

I chuckled through this entire article! It is difficult and annoying to do Disney with a “dud”, but if you have to- this helps!-Mztress

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For those that know me, they will back me up on this: I LOVE Disneyland.

Even at 26 years old, I am convinced the place is magic. Between the food, rides, entertainment, and overall experience there is nothing better than a trip to Disneyland. That being said, there are a few in my family that do not appreciate all the magic Disney has to offer. Here are some tips I have found useful in my own experience when dealing with a Disney Dud:

1. Plan ahead.

– There is really nothing more important than allowing your Disney Dud to be mentally prepared for all that is Disney. The crowds, the waiting in line, the decision making, all of this can lead to complaints from your Disney Dud, so we relieve some of these complaints by planning ahead! As your Disney trip approaches you can easily plan a FLEXIBLE itinerary to…

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Top 5 Romantic Restaurants for couples in WDW

Good sound advice in my opinion, dearie- don’t sell yourself short! -Mztress

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Romance means different things to different couples.  To me if I want a romantic meal with my husband, I want a restaurant that has few children present.  I want an atmosphere of quiet, and I want a setting that isn’t kitschy.  With all of this in mind, here are my Top 5 Romantic Restaurants for couples in WDW.  These are not ranked from least romantic to most romantic, they are  just five good spots to try out if you are looking for a special meal.  And it’s my opinion…what do I know!

1. Citricos–At The Grand Floridian

My husband and I dined at Citricos in 2011.  We broke away from the family and sat down for a nice signature meal.  First off, I love the Grand Floridian.  I do feel like it has more of a sophisticated feel to it, and I feel it is Romantic.  We were seated…

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Disney Infinity 3.0 Release Date Announced

I know what the holidays are going to bring here if my children remain well behaved little goons!-Mztress

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Disney has today revealed the release date for the upcoming Disney Infinity 3.0, which will release on consoles, PC, and mobile.

The game will debut on August 30th in both North America and Europe, and will launch with a $65 start pack, which you can see below. The starter pack will feature a Star Wars Twilight of the Republic playset, which will launch with the Disney Infinity 3.0 base, Anakin Skywalker and Ahsoka Tano figures.

The key feature in Disney Infinity 3.0 is that all previously released Disney Infinity figures will be compatible with the Disney Infinity 3.0 game and the new Toy Box feature contained within. Disney Interactive has also announced that anyone who pre-orders the upcoming game will receive an early copy of the Toy Box Takeover, an expansion for the in-game feature.

A number of playsets will also be available separately at launch for Disney Infinity…

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Show Spotlight: Main Street Ragtime Piano

I love this both at WDW and DLR! The neat part about WDW is that audience members can actually join the player from time to time!-Mztress


“But there’ll be no new tunes on this old piano…”

What is the Main Street Ragtime Piano?

Ragtime Robert at the piano.Ragtime Robert at the piano.

The Disneyland Main Street Ragtime Piano Player helps provide a wonderful ambiance and adds to the theming and place-setting of the area by playing regular half-hour-long sets of cheerful, upbeat music.

These performers play anything from classic Disney tunes to period pieces to numbers from famous musicals or may even take requests from the crowd!

Walt Disney World Resort’s Magic Kingdom also has a pianist at Casey’s Corner – the sister location on their Main Street, U.S.A. But one of the differences I definitely noticed between the two was that the Casey’s Corner pianist plays with his back to the crowd so folks can see the music being played. Whereas at Disneyland, the musicians play facing the crowd so they can interact with them better – although you…

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From Rainstorms to Blistering Heat- Florida Weather

Very true- and it’s always a good idea to be prepared for this! Being unprepared can ruin any WDW experience!-Mztress

Two Foolish Mortals

Florida weather is like us Floridians. A mxed bag of nuts. A day of 0% chance of rain, may be cloudy by noon and pouring by 3pm. And even when it’s scheduled to rain, it may rain on one side of the street and be bone dry on the other (don’t think I’m exaggerating. I’ve literally seen that occur more than once). Our summer heat is different than the West- we may be about 10-15 degrees cooler- but our humidity in summer is about 60-80% most days. Even if you’re from Florida, but live on the coasts, don’t think you’re safe in winter or summer. Our weather in Tampa can be 5-10 degrees cooler during summer and 5-10 degrees warmer during winter. If you noticed, I haven’t mentioned spring or fall. That’s because those are literally two weeks each year. If you could live at Disney for that time, it…

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Disney unveils the first official Star Wars mobile app w/ lightsaber training, themed selfies, more

And so it begins…..-Mztress