New Pocahontas Meet & Greet to Mark the Film’s 20th Anniversary

Hard to believe it has been 20 years already! WOW! This article is interesting. I think I may even have to go greet her to congratulate her anniversary.-Mztress


Can you believe it has been 20 years since Disney’s Pocahontas was released in theaters?  Makes me feel old!

To celebrate, a new character meet & greet has been added to the Discovery Island Character Landing at Animal Kingdom. An article in the Disney Parks Blog posted today states:

toptop376111-613x408 image source: Disney Parks Blog

Pocahontas has made the journey down river to the Discovery Island Character Landing at Disney’s Animal Kingdom, where she has stepped ashore to meet friends old and new. You can find her there throughout the day, in a setting filled with details inspired by her adventures.

It’s always nice to see Disney celebrating milestones by adding new experiences, especially from classic film titles that are under-represented in the parks.

Are you interested in meeting Pocahontas at Animal Kingdom?  What’s your favorite character meet & greet spot?  Does the fact that Disney’s Pocahontas is celebrating 20 years make you feel old too?…

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Going Solo in Disneyland Paris

Have any of you ever done Disney solo? This is a great article!-Mztress

Sara en Route

IMG_5321 (2)

Call me crazy, but I wanted to go to Disneyland Paris.  I’d been living in Paris for almost two months now, soaking up the city, and it seemed silly to deny myself this wish, especially when it was a convenient 45-minute metro ride away.  I had also made some friends so I shopped the invitation around, but unfortunately, no one was available to go.  Without even feeling the slightest twinge of disappointment, I thought, “Cool, I’ll take myself.”

The ease of this snap decision tipped me off that something was different.  Usually there would have been just a smidge of hesitation, but this time it was nowhere to be found.  It felt odd, and as a result, caused me to wonder if I ought to rethink my decision.  It was in that one moment of hesitation that my inner Mean Girl managed to wriggle out of whatever box I’d stuffed…

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Charles Darwin Movie in the Works at Disney

I can not wait to hear what you all think about this one!-Mztress

These Star Wars and Disney-themed bento boxes will put your lunchbox to shame

Pretty cute, don’t you think?-Mztress

Pixar’s Inside Out Just Had a Record-breaking Weekend

Kind of figured this would be the case- you? Did you see it? Thoughts?-Mztress


Inside Out’s opening weekend may not have been able to unseat Jurassic World, but the animated film from Walt Disney Company’s Pixar studio still posted a record box-office debut.

Inside Out brought in $91.1 million in U.S. ticket sales this past weekend, which gives it the highest-grossing opening ever for an original Pixar film, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The only Pixar movie to score a bigger box-office opening was 2010’s Toy Story 3, a sequel that pulled in $110.3 million.

Released on Friday, Inside Out is a coming-of-age tale that follows five anthropomorphic emotions — Joy, Sadness, Disgust, Fear, and Anger — inside the mind of a young girl. The movie features the voices of comedians Amy Poehler, Mindy Kaling, and Bill Hader.

Jurassic World, another successful sequel, refused to be knocked from its perch atop the box-office rankings in its second week in theaters. The dinosaur thriller…

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Ava Duvernay To Direct Black Panther!

Exciting news!-Mztress

The Film Monster

black panther, t'challa, ava DuVernay, marvel, disney, director, chadwick boseman, gambitconIn some rather big news, Marvel has sealed the deal for Selma director, Ava Duvernay to direct Black Panther,  starring Chadwick Boseman as the title character.  Ava Duvernay has stated she doesn’t know much about T’Challa and his native land of Wakanda, but she really doesn’t have to be and she can pick up anything she needs through simple research.  The script was being written by documentary filmmaker Mark Bailey had been hired to pen a draft of the script a few years ago, and Marvel is still trying to lock down a screenwriter for the newest version from his script to no doubt polish things up and make them connect within their universe.

I haven’t had the chance to see Selma, but the few clips I’ve seen did look pretty amazing and did put the film high up on my watch list.  Another reason I’m stoked for this…

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Hipster Phenomenon

Interesting! What’s up with this “hipster” stuff anyway? I much prefer something a bit more alluring…-Mztress

Just A Girl With Disney Questions

So, getting into the “Hipster” trend I’ve been noticing, here are some photos of “Hipster Disney”.


So there’s those… Glam, Pin Up, Hipster, Goth, Tattoo Artist..Not bad looking. Still odd though.

Annnnddd…. here’s some more…..

156569_4497350_735714_image  fbh  hgh fhghghhipster_disney_trendhipster-disney-charactersproyecto_port_HMHTUR_0000000654hipsterdiz3_Slidehipsterdiz5_Slidehjgimages gdg dfimagesimages6UDDWG3ZimagesUEGQ2DYOimagesxcfgd   Picture-397untitledtumblr_mvd443rEYx1rmnjb9o1_400

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