A New Year’s Eve Disney Reflection

As we all reflect upon our lives on the final day of 2012, let’s take a moment to view some of the happiest and most magical moments from Disney Parks on past New Year’s Eve celebrations. May you all have a blessed and fantastic 2013! Thank you so much for following our blog in this little slice of cyberspace. We appreciate each one of you and hope to bring you some of the best Disney highlights throughout the coming year.

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The Great Disney Gamble: “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

What are your thoughts?

What Morals/Behaviour are Your Children Picking Up From Movies?

This is one of the most poignant and intelligent presentations we have seen. What are your thoughts?

Nomad’s Archive: We were once kids ..

Have you visited Hong Kong Disney?

Splitsville Tour & Dedication at Downtown Disney

Going to Splitsville for some fun?

Fairytale Castle Ginderbread Houses

What do you think of these amazing creations?

What gifts made it under your tree- or chosen holiday decoration- this year?

Best of WDW

I do the bulk of my Christmas shopping online, but it’s a bit of a tradition to wander through the shops of Downtown Disney and pick out gifts for friends and relatives, Disney fans all, who live far away. (And I usually find a few things I can’t live without.) The Christmas music, the clean, crisp air, and the light crowds on a weekday morning inspire feelings of goodwill like no mall visit ever did. And who could resist a free sample of Ghirardelli’s peppermint bark?

ImageThis soft and comfortable t-shirt caught my attention right away. I always relate to Donald Duck when we watch Mickey’s Twice Upon a Christmas every year. He just wants to sit and enjoy his hot chocolate without wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and dealing with crowds. I get it! World of Disney, $32.95

ImageHad to get this set for my mother-in-law, fashion-forward Disney fan…

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The Fast Food Dilemma

What is your favorite quickie meal at WDW?

Eight Ways to Enjoy Disney California Adventure Park: Find a Favorite Character

What character do you most enjoy during a Meet and Greet at the Disney parks?

Transportation the Disney Way

We agree with them- do you?


Last weekend I flew to Orlando for a somewhat ill-fated weekend at Disney World with my mom and aunt. Let’s just say my 12-hour delayed flight home was not the worst of the problems…

Nevertheless, I love Disney World, and since my mom and aunt had never been, it was fun to explore everything with them. I love Disney because of the emphasis on imagination and creativity, and the details that permeate everything. This was my fourth trip since 2001, but the first time I stayed in a Disney resort, the Caribbean Beach Resort. I have to say, it was pretty great to be so connected to the parks.

Now that I work in the transportation industry, I saw this trip in a whole new way. I’ve always loved the monorail, even as a small child at Disneyland, and the train that circles the Magic Kingdom, and…

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